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Who We Are?

Quality and affordability represent the guiding principles of our firm’s philosophy!!!

Successful businesses are often conceived from a single creative idea: a novel product or process, an innovative business plan or a groundbreaking marketing strategy.  

As a fundamental step in the commercial development of an idea, it is essential that inventors explore the various intellectual property (IP) issues that are often involved with advancing a concept to the marketplace.  

For over two decades, businesses have tackled these issues by relying upon the acumen, trustworthiness and energy of the law firm of Rosewood Attorneys.

Rosewood Attorneys is a highly experienced, full-service, intellectual property law firm that provides legal representation in all aspects of patent, trademark and copyright law.  

Rosewood Attorneys prides itself in providing attentive and high-quality legal services in a cost-effective fashion.  

This is by design because quality and affordability are not regarded as incompatible goals at Rosewood Attorneys, but rather, represent the guiding principles of our firm’s philosophy.

Rosewood Attorneys also specializes in:

- Child and Women's Right Advocacy;

- Business Advisory Services;

   @ Mergers and Acquisition, Joint Venture, Company Incorporation and Trust Funds

- Government Liaison Services;

- Entertainment and Licensing Rights; and 

- Social Media Law.

Real Estate Investment Legal Advisory
Our Professional team provides real estate legal advisory services that includes advise and support in regards to sale. lease. rent, purchase, development, mortgages and finance.

We are YOUR real estate investment attorney and we provide you with legal advise every step of the way.

Business Start Up and Organizations
We assist persons and organizations to set up business in Nigeria, West Africa a in entirety and off shore trust and companies anywhere in Africa.

Government Regulatory Services

Import and Export

We provide legal information as regards to import and export regulations, mining, joint ventures,  customs and excise, immigration, taxes, corporate taxes, merger and acquisitions.

The Transfer of Business Interests.

When a business owner dies, there  are  many  additional  aspects  of his or her estate administration that must  be considered to  ensure the smooth transition of the business and  investment  assets  to  the  next  generation.  Knowing  how  unsettling  a   change of management  can  be, we  make  every  effort  to  ensure the transition is carried out with minimal disruption to ongoing business transactions. 

In the alternative, if the estate decides to liquidate the business, we assist in obtaining the maximum value possible for the assets, so the beneficiaries receive their full inheritance. Our firm also applies post-mortem estate planning tools to minimize and/or defer the payment of Federal and State estate taxes for the decedent’s family.

Transfers to a Same Sex Partner
Our firm will assist a surviving partner to protect the assets left to the partner by his or her loved one and to help the partner deal with a system, and sometimes a family member, that does not recognize the union.